The Small Wedding

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The Small Wedding

The small wedding has always been a lovely alternative to the big, grand affair. My husband and I had a small ceremony of 21 people and it was so special and beautiful! With the Covid-19 pandemic, the small wedding has become a popular option if you are determined to say "I do" this year.


I believe that weddings of all sizes deserve to be photographed beautifully. No matter the size of your guest list or how elaborate your flowers, your experience of saying your vows and committing to the person you love should be just as special.


Beyond the images, it is my personal promise that you will have a stellar client experience from day one that ensures you feel cared for and enthusiastically happy about every aspect of working with me.



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Albums & Books

There is no better way to preserve and relive your wedding day than with a beautifully crafted, custom, and archival wedding album. You select the images and, with your input, my team and I will design an heirloom album with your choice of cover that will forever remind you of all your favorite portraits, details, and candid moments from your wedding day.

Our wedding album is so special and is one of our most prized possessions. Every picture, every detail, every little thing about the album reminds us how incredible the day was.

- Shayla (bride)

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