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  1. How do you describe your images? - I believe in creating images that are true-to-life and that will stand the test of time. When you look through your wedding or family albums in 30 years, I want you to smile because these images help you to remember exactly how your unique wedding day or special family moments looked & felt. I believe the images I create are sophisticated, natural, full of emotion, fun, pretty, and all-around timeless. Though I lean toward images that are visually a bit light and airy, I strive to document the colors of your flowers and all the details around you as accurately as possible- never choosing a trend in photographic color-processing over true-to-life tones.
  2. What can we expect from working with you if we hire you to photograph our wedding? - First, I believe in treating all clients with kindness, respect, and love - we will spend a lot of time together on your wedding day and I believe having a friendly relationship going into that day makes that so much for comfortable and fun for everyone. I also believe great communication and planning prior to a wedding day is the key to a photographer's success in documenting it as beautifully as possible. Not only am I very active in the creation of the timeline with the planner, but I also talk to clients and planners a lot about the vision for the day during the planning process. I want to have a full understanding of the things that are most important to my clients so that on the wedding day my assistant(s) and I can be part of the team that makes those dreams for the day a reality. Making sure you enjoy your experience from start to finish is a priority for my team and I. While documenting a wedding, we place equal focus on capturing candid moments, beautiful details and the directed portraits so that your full collection of images will beautifully represent all of those aspects from start to finish and help you to remember everything. This is a brief summary of what you can expect if we get to work together, but I'd love to talk to you more about all of this either in person or on the phone to make sure we are a great fit for each other.
  3. What cameras and equipment do you use? - I'm a believer that the equipment a photographer uses is far less important than the work they create. However, many people are curious about what's in my bag and I'm happy to share! I photograph weddings, families, and portraits primarily with natural light and use Canon R5 and Canon 5DMkIV bodies along with the highest quality Canon L-series lenses. For film work, I use a medium format Pentax 645NII and a 35mm Canon EOS1v, also with prime and high-quality lenses. I bring multiple flashes, a video light and occasionally other supplemental lighting to each wedding to use during the reception and for portraits if necessary.
  4. Do you shoot digital or film? - My client work has always been digital, so the majority of what you see in my portfolio was created digitally and I'm very proud of my digital work and how they do not look like typical digital images. However, my digital processing has always been inspired by the look of film and I know that some clients prefer at least some film to document their weddings and special family sessions. In 2019, I did many shoots to test incorporating film into my workflow and am happy to say I found my digital and film images to work beautifully together! As of 2020, I will be offering film photography as an add-on to any wedding collection or to any family/newborn session. Please inquire for more information.
  5. Do you offer drone photography? - Yes! Drone photography is now available as an add-on to all of my wedding coverage. I love being able to offer this unique perspective in which to document my clients' weddings. Please note, some venue have strict policies with regard to drones.
  6. Who is your assistant on the wedding day? - I never shoot a wedding alone and all of my collections include at least one additional photographer. Some weddings, because of their size or logistics, require myself plus two or three additional photographers and that is all determined after our initial consultation and a discussion with your planner. For weddings where film is added on as a service, a film assistant may also join. Any assistant photographer I have join me on a wedding has a photography style and approach similar to mine and is both technically and artistically vetted by me. My main assistants have been working with me for 10+ years and I trust them fully to create beautiful images and treat my clients with kindness and love, just as I do.
  7. What do you include in your wedding packages and how much can we expect to spend? - My Wedding Collections begin with basic coverage of myself plus a second shooter and start at $13,000. I also offer packages that include engagement sessions, archival wedding albums, additional photographers, and additional event coverage like rehearsal dinner/welcome party photography. Please email to inquire and, with some simple information about your plans, I'm happy to send along a custom proposal that includes more about me, my approach to wedding photography and the packages available for your event needs.
  8. Do you offer mentorships or training to other photographers? - Yes! One of my passions in life is to teach others what I know and have learned in this career for the past 18 years. I have offered workshops in the past and continuously offer one-on-one trainings and mentorships. Just email me to get in touch and find out more!


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