To some, the engagement session is an opportunity to get some pretty photos that might be used to display at your wedding in some way. To others, it might be an opportunity to practice with your photographer prior to the wedding day.


For me, the engagement session is a wonderful way to build a relationship with my clients- spending time with clients and being able to get to know them is one of the reasons I love this profession so much.

Above all that, I feel the engagement session is really the best way to calm any nerves or anxiety that my clients might have about getting their photos taken. The vast majority of my clients come to me and say “we’re not super comfortable in front of the camera...” and the truth is, few people are! However, after an engagement session with me, those same people always say something like “that was so fun and easy. So glad we did that!”


Doing a session with me helps clients to realize I approach photography in a way that makes my clients feel relaxed and comfortable so that they look relaxed and comfortable- and that’s important for anyone in front of a camera.


So, do you have to do an engagement session to make sure you can get great images on your wedding day? I don’t think so. But, it can’t hurt. Plus, you’ll get all those pretty photos together and no doubt will feel more comfortable in front of the camera, so why not?



engagement SESSION

We’re usually in a pretty location, clients are dressed in something that makes them feel great, we explore together looking for pretty light and backgrounds and talk and get to know each other.


Some clients want more of an editorial vibe and some want it very casual— we decide all that prior to the session and I shoot accordingly, directing clients when necessary and also shooting candidly throughout.


What results is a collection of images that includes natural, pretty portraits with a lot of feeling behind them and beautifully document this exciting time as your plan your wedding and prepare to spend the rest of your lives together.

inspired by people.