I'm a photographer

who is passionate about telling the story of your wedding day, your family, or your brand in the most beautiful and meaningful way.

From the way they look at you as you say your vows, to the directed portraits that show off your custom gown... from adjusting a swaddle on your newborn baby to chasing after your toddler in your backyard- these moments are all part of your legacy and I see it as my purpose in life to lovingly, enthusiastically, and beautifully capture them all for you.


When I take a photo, I know that it's not just for you to enjoy, it's also to tell your story to all the generations to come.


Digital & Film Photography available.













MY STYLEI create images that are

With every wedding,

my team and I strive to create not just a few great images, but a full collection of images that will forever remind you how your day looked AND felt. I want to capture the colors of flowers you carefully selected during the planning, the detail in your dress that made you fall in love with it, the tears in the eyes of the people who love you most as you walk down the aisle, and the fun party photos as you and your best friends dance the night away. Every collection of images I deliver to clients includes the most beautiful mix of these directed portraits, candid moments, and thoughtful details to preserve every aspect of your day.


It's one day that goes by entirely too fast... be sure it's documented beautifully and completely.



In 2011, I met my husband Brian (thank you Match.com!) and we are now the proud parents of two, Charlotte (10) and Everett (7). As a family we spend our free time playing outside, going to sports practices, family game and movie nights, and taking weekend adventures to pretty places.


Being a mom has enriched my desire to document life even more. As a parent, the days may be long but the years are so, so short... Motherhood has clarified for me how to document both weddings and families in a way that focuses on the story behind the images that will be most cherished now and for many years to come.

Photo above by Max Wanger.

I photographed my first wedding

professionally when I was 18, but I've always been the girl with the camera. Being able to freeze a moment in time and to have it preserved forever has always seemed like magic to me. Though photography was a great hobby and job during my years in college and grad school, I always pictured myself behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Upon graduating with my M.A. in Communication from USC in 2007 (Fight on!), I realized that I wanted to focus full-time on what I truly loved to do. And so, Heather Kincaid Photographer was officially launched and I never looked back.


I’m so thankful that, from an early age, my graphic designer and entrepreneurial parents instilled both creativity and the desire to pave my own path in life. Always encouraging my sister and I to have big dreams and to work hard to achieve them, my parents are definitely to thank for me being where I am in my career right now. They bought me my first real camera, encouraged me to work for and learn from a family friend who got me started, and consistently supported my artistic endeavors— somehow they knew this path was the right one for me even before I did.

my commitment to



I am a photographer who admires, respects, and celebrates the incredible diversity in the people of this world.


I am enthusiastically committed to policies and practices that promote inclusion and am proud to work and collaborate with clients, associates, and fellow vendors of all races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, and physical abilities.


What unites us as humans is far greater than what differentiates us and I denounce, and pledge to stand up against, any act that promotes, or is rooted in, hate of another.

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