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I believe in creating images that help you remember not only how you looked on your wedding day, during your pregnancy, at home with your new baby, during the every day at with your family… I want to help you remember how you felt.

I specialize in directing & creating stylized portraits, while also capturing the spontaneous, fun, touching, and beautiful moments that happen on a wedding day or during a portrait session. I have shot hundreds of weddings and can honestly say that no two have been the same. I’m a believer that the energy a couple brings to their wedding day truly sets it apart and I draw upon that energy to capture each wedding in a unique way.

I believe that you loving your experience in working with me is equal in importance to you loving your images, so my goal is to make you feel comfortable and have fun in front of my camera.

I want to collaborate with you to create images who reflect who you are, make you feel good, and remind you of this moment, right now, because these moments are too important to now be documented beautifully.


I believe the most important thing in life is to make meaningful connections with other people. I am the mother of two- Charlotte and Everett – they teach me about love and life and help me slow down and enjoy even the simplest of moments. I’m married to a writer who makes me laugh. I love to travel- anywhere. But, staying home is also nice.

I never went to school for photography, but have owned my business since 2007 and was shooting for 4 years before that. I actually have an M.A. in Communication from USC (Fight on!) because I always had aspirations to work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. I’m so thankful that I get to do this instead.

One thing I know for sure is a positive attitude goes a long way.



If you love my work and are interested in working with me, here are some things I’m assuming about you:

You love life. You appreciate pretty things. You laugh a lot. You value photography. You are inspired by something. You’re a modern person with an appreciation for timeless style. You’re sophisticated AND you’re fun- you can be both. You like what you see in my portfolio and think we would have a blast working together.

If this sounds like you, let’s create something together!



Laughter. Tears. Beautiful light. The way you look at each other. Hair blowing in the wind. Vast views. The night sky. Movement. Wandering aimlessly. Bustling city streets. Quiet moments. Flowing dresses. Playful glances. Bright colors. Art of all types. Modern design. Meaningful conversation. Winding roads. Kids playing. Tall trees and open fields. Great style. Life in general. Love – in all forms. Most importantly, I’m inspired by people.

Thanks to my friend Megan Welker for the images of my family and I you see here. <3


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