About Me

I believe the most important thing in life is to make meaningful connections with other people. I am the mother of two- Charlotte and Everett – they teach me about love and life and help me slow down and enjoy even the simplest of moments. I’m married to a writer who makes me laugh. I love to travel- anywhere. But, staying home is also nice. I take my best photos while I’m having fun. So, my top priority on a wedding day is to make sure we’re all having a good time. I see each day as a new opportunity to learn something—a new opportunity to experience life—and for that reason I think regret is a waste of time. I never went to school for photography, but have owned my business since 2007 and was shooting for 4 years before that. I actually have an M.A. in Communication from USC (Fight on!) because I always had aspirations to work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. I’m so thankful that I get to do this instead. One thing I know for sure is a positive attitude goes a long way. Special thanks to the lovely Ala Cortez for taking my portraits to the right. >

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